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About Dawn To Dusk Safaris

Dawn To Dusk Safaris is a privately-owned tourism company based in Botswana. We take pride in being owned by local, expert guides who are passionate about showcasing the beauty of our country.

With us, you can expect a wide range of mobile camping expeditions and tailor-made trips, providing you with unique and unforgettable experiences. Cultural exchange is at the heart of what we do, and we invite you to join us on a journey through Botswana.

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Our passion for Botswana runs deep, and we are dedicated to giving back to the communities we visit. We believe that by building up Dawn To Dusk Safaris, we are also uplifting our communities. When you choose to travel with us in Maun, Botswana, you become a part of this positive impact. Your presence and economic activities contribute to the lives of the local people, strengthening our society.

At Dawn To Dusk Safaris, we operate in various game reserves and national parks throughout Botswana. The crown jewels of our tours are the Okavango Delta, including the Moremi Game Reserve, and the renowned Chobe National Park. Additionally, we offer budget-friendly trips that take you through the pristine landscapes of the Botswana desert.

Why Choose Us: Discover Hidden Gems and Authentic Experiences

As natives of the Delta, we possess a deep knowledge of Botswana that allows us to show you the extraordinary places often overlooked. Born and raised in this region, we have firsthand experience of the Delta, as well as other game reserves and national parks across Botswana. We are your custodians of an enriching experience, providing you with the most captivating insights and locations. Through continuous training, we ensure that our service is of the highest quality, guaranteeing your satisfaction.

Dawn To Dusk Safaris is committed to offering you the perfect getaway from your busy schedule. We provide an opportunity to relax, unwind, and immerse yourself in the beauty of Botswana. Whether you dream of seeing wild animals in their natural habitats, exploring the local way of life, or simply enjoying a rejuvenating escape, we have you covered.

Your safety is our top priority at all times. When you travel with Dawn To Dusk Safaris, rest assured that we have taken every measure to ensure your well-being throughout your journey. Let us guide you through an incredible adventure, creating lifelong memories of Botswana’s remarkable landscapes and vibrant culture.